Belief Course

We are only as successful as our very own belief system.  In this course, I uncover what a belief is and how your Athlete can create new ones to help them reach the goals they have in their life.

"You are what you believe yourself to be." -Paulo Coelho

If you are on this page, it lets me know you want your Athlete to perform better.  But you know what?  It is challenging to play well when your child is playing with the wrong belief system.  To learn, examine, and understand your Athlete’s belief will allow them to not only perform in competition but in life as well. The Belief course gives your Athlete the necessary tools to ultimately learn about their Beliefs that resides with them so that they have the opportunity to grow their game to the next level. 

This class isn't for athletes who:

This class is for athletes who:

You want your athlete not only to play better but to play better more often. If you enroll your child in this course today, they will learn the necessary tools to have the ability to create their beliefs and play at their highest level.

Here's the thing...

Becoming mentally trained is the new requirement to be able to succeed in sports, period. This course is to help your Athlete’s mind game be greater than their physical game so that they can achieve their biggest goals.
The Belief Course is designed to give your child the tools to strengthen their game from the inside out. They will learn what a belief is and how it plays a role in their success. Our method of teaching is through skits and story-telling, which allows your Athlete to learn an entirely different way. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, they will learn how to create new beliefs that will give them the experiences only the elite athletes can describe. Each day your child will be taught a different strategy that will allow them to begin building their beliefs immediately.
On the fourth day, your child will be live with High-Performance Coach Garrett Richardson. Your Athlete, along with other students in the course will be able to discuss what they learned, share experiences, and ultimately be clear on how to position themselves to have the kind of beliefs that will skyrocket your Athlete’s early career.
 This class isn’t for everyone. If your Athlete is the type of player who truly loves their sport and wants to become the best version of themselves, then this is an absolute must-have course. The world of sports is changing. There has never been a time like we live in today where the mind is playing a more significant role in all of our success every single day. If your Athlete has goals of playing at the next level, then they must train their mind like they do their body. Start by signing your child up for this course and begin their journey to being more Courageous, Creative, and Resilient.

What's Included?


Day 1 Belief: The Scoop

Day 2 Belief: The Story

Day 3 Belief: The Finale

Day 4 Belief: Let's Go Live!