I help middle and high school athletes achieve their most inspiring goals by becoming more courageous, confident, creative, and extremely resilient.

"Nothing better than seeing an athlete who did the work mentally get to see the benefits of it physically."

- Garrett Richardson

Why Should You Care About This Platform?

The tools I teach my Student-Athletes will travel with them for the rest of their lives.

Let Me Explain.

The biggest challenges that prevent your Athlete from optimum performance is that they are not aware of the problems they are facing. Hoopcliq Academy is for Athletes that consistently suffers from:

Here's The Thing...

Your Athlete’s thoughts are what causes these roadblocks, and the majority of athletes, as well as their parents, are unaware that there is a solution.  If there is one of the infinite points to emphasize, it is this: Mental training is the hidden secret to EVERY successful Athlete.  Their Minds is the most significant edge they have over every other player.

So, Who Will Be Training Your Athlete?

Me; Garrett Richardson.  I understand the journey your Athlete is on because I lived it. As an athlete, I played basketball in High school, College, and as a professional, including the National Basketball Development League (which is known today as the G League). I fell short of my biggest goals due to struggling with my own mental game. In 2006, I began my quest to search for the real reason why I, along with millions of other players, fall short of accomplishing our goals.

Over 10,000 hours of research, studies, and personal experiences have led me to focus on the all-important mental part of the game.  I’ve been fortunate to have taught hundreds of athletes how to train their minds like they do their bodies.  Because of this, they were able to achieve their most inspiring goals by becoming more courageous, confident, creative, and exceptionally resilient.

"There are three things that every great player has; talent, heart, and the mastery of the mental aspect of the game."

- Garrett Richardson

Where Do You Go From Here?

I offer Private Coaching (limited space available) as well as non-traditional Mental Training courses.  I created Hoopcliq Academy for athletes like your child to allow them to learn the power of their mind as well as provide tools to develop your Athlete into a high-performing individual. Through my courses, I improve your Athlete’s mindset in a way that helps them to advance beyond their current thought process.  The mental game is a significant reason why an athlete either misses their target or bust through their biggest goals.  The proven strategies provided in my teachings will go far beyond your Athlete’s athletic career, which will set them up for long-term success in their adult life.  I’ve said enough. The next step for you is to go to the section below and enroll your Athlete in the course (or courses) that you feel will immediately impact your child’s game right now.

Mental Training Courses

Hoopcliq Academy Presents: