Self-Talk Course

Bottom line-  Your future is born from the Negative or Positive thoughts you have in your head.

-Garrett Richardson, founder of hoopcliq.com

The Truth Is...

If your Athlete wants to reach high levels of success, Self-Talk is one of the essential pieces they must strive to master in their journey.  This course is to not only help your Athlete understand what self-talk is but also to teach your Athlete how they will genuinely create their outcome by using their inner voice to guide them.

"The words you speak become the house you live in." -Hafiz

Getting to the top of your Athlete’s game requires them to be physically talented, have a lot of heart, and be mentally strong.  Self-Talk is a massive component of having the kind of mindset that will allow your Athlete to be physically better.  This course gives your Athlete all the necessary tools to improve their Self-Talk so that they accomplish their goals. 

This class is for athletes who:

This class isn't for athletes who:

Your inner voice is significant to your journey...learn to look within.

What's Included?


Day 1 Self-Talk: The Scoop

Day 2 Self-Talk: The Story

Day 3 Self-Talk: The Last Stride

Day 4 Self-Talk: Let's Go Live!